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Sleep Balance

Sleep Balance Explained

Lack of sleep can be detrimental to health on a number of levels. Sleeplessness at night results in lack of alertness during the day, impairing judgment and increasing risk of accidents.

Chronic sleeplessness affects skin appearance and health, reduces libido and overall vitality, reduces cognitive function, contributes to weight gain, and increase risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Our Sleep Balance non-invasive check-up will identify your sleep problems and let you fix them.



How Does it Work?

Our Sleep Balance check-up is easy-to-collect dry urine test. After receiving the test kit, you are welcome to prepare for the collection and answer short questioner about your health. Once you collect and dry your samples, you send us them with the questioner for lab analysis.

Before starting collection, review all of the collection and timing instructions, which you will find in the test kit.

Try to plan your day, as much as possible, based on the collection timing. We recommend using an alarm, cell phone, watch or other timing device to help alert you of colletion times to ensure you do not miss one.

Collection should be done on a day that is typical for you. Do not collect on a day of unusually high stress or when maintaining the schedule for drinking fluids and collection urine would be very difficult.

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