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The Keys To Midlife Happiness & Longer Healthy Living For Men

on May 9th, 2019
The Keys To Midlife Happiness & Longer Healthy Living For Men - Diagnost

Blockbusters portray for us a contemporary man. He is often in his forties, successful, muscular, quick-witted and fearless. He easily conquers new peaks in business, is the object of desire for attractive women, and his life is full of meaning. But how does it work in real life?

It is tough to admit that as time goes by our resources deplete and problems begin to surface. However, it is inevitable that every man over the age of 35 starts to experience the wear and tear on his body.  

Why Hormone Balance Is Key To Midlife Happiness & Health

It is due to the normal course of biological processes, and to be more precise the reduction of hormone production. There are over 100 hormones and each one is responsible for a particular function in our body. Hormonal balance is the key to our good health and mood.

Male Taestosterone Level by Age - The Keys To Midlife Happiness & Longer Healthy Living For Men - Diagnost

A Real-Life Case:

The most important and well known male hormone is testosterone. If an obese man over 45 is talking about his exciting sex life, it may be hard to believe. Fatty deposits are a clear sign of low testosterone. As testosterone levels go down, fat goes up, and goodbye libido! High testosterone is associated with strong muscles, desire and high potency. Low testosterone means depression, low vitality and minus 30 years of life.

Alas, after the age of 40 we start accumulating a variety of nasty consequences, or in simple terms we begin to age. At best we turn to exhausting and useless workouts in the gym and start looking for inspiration embodied in a new lady friend. In the worst case we turn to alcohol, which provides elusive sensations of happiness, but leads to dependency and kills men’s health.

real-life case - The Keys To Midlife Happiness & Longer Healthy Living For Men - Diagnost

As one of my clients put it:

“I used to be the General Manager of a large American company in Moscow. It was a successful business, associated with all the usual trials and tribulations of a multinational company in Russia. The stress was unbearable. After work, I used to sit down at the dinner table and eat my troubles away. Every month, like clockwork, I had a cold. Doctors at expensive medical centres prescribed antibiotics. I was simply a ruin. Overweight, suffering from insomnia, always mad at someone or something, and heavy breathing and high blood pressure had become a constant issue.”

“This is how I felt when I went to see a doctor in Europe. After a number of tests and a detailed study of my medical history the doctor prescribed vitamins and hormonal therapy. Distinct improvement was noticeable in just a week’s time. I began to lose weight, calmed down and became more relaxed, and started to sleep properly. In 2-3 weeks I recovered my sex drive and performed like a 25-year-old.”

healthy living in forties for men - The Keys To Midlife Happiness & Longer Healthy Living For Men - Diagnost

“Now every morning I run 15km. I work hard and efficiently. I see my friends frequently, meet lots of interesting people and enjoy other’s company. I notice the shining eyes of the woman I love and realise how much her happy smile means to me and the kids.”


Invest in your health and quality of life after 40. Thanks to the best experts in preventive medicine we are able to preserve ourselves and be sure that we shall live 30-40 years longer, in good health and high spirits.

I invite everyone to get rid of unpleasant age-related changes by taking a diagnostic test and following a recommended course of anti-ageing treatment in order to achieve midlife happiness.


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